Attention Training

Attention Training

A clear and focused mind is crucial to learning and life skills. Being able to pay attention, focus and concentrate at will,  means better organisation and accuracy, fewer distractions, improving social skills by being able to  listen attentively to others, and  mastering new tasks and material more rapidly.

 Attention and Focus

Sports performance places heavy demands on the brain to focus while simultaneously ignoring distracting stimuli. While different sports place different demands on the brain overall, neurofeedback improves a person’s ability to stay on task while maintaining a high level of brain function.


The athletes concentration during a competitive environment plays a crucial role in their performance. Often, the difficulty in close attention is due to distraction by external and internal stimuli, such as noise, the voices of the spectators, thoughts on the match result, fear of defeat and more.

  • Improved Concentration
  • Recognition /Elaboration of stimuli
  • Impulse control
  • Faster action performance
  • Decision making