C.B.E.P. (Combined Biofeedback and Ergotherapy Protocol)

The C.B.E.P. Protocol in a few words:

  • The C.B.E.P. Protocol is a new, modern method of treatment of A.D.H.D., stress management and learning difficulties.
  • It includes combined biofeedback methods and ergotherapy .
  • The method of biofeedback is applied via educational type electronic equipment (modern indicators which record brain function) of ultimate generation.
  • It provides us with measurable results.
  • These specific biofeedback methods have been clinically tested by leading universities around the world.

In more detail

What is the C.B.E.P. Protocol:

The C.B.E.P. protocol was designed, set up and implemented aiming at the best possible treatment of "phenomena" of attention deficit, hyperactivity as well as stress management.

What is its originality:

The C.B.E.P. protocol’s originality is based on the different treatment of A.D.H.D. (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and stress management, which have been until now dealt with the classic methods of ergotherapy and psychological support. Taking into account the latest research studies (conducted by numerous foreign universities) on the science of biofeedback, we created a protocol that combines, for the first time, the traditional methods with modern biofeedback, having as an ultimate goal to address these difficulties in the shortest possible time, with greater stability over time and measurable results.

Which methods are included?

The methods used are biofeedback and ergotherapy combined.

What is biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a science based on the following considerations: when the human body perceives a stimulus, a biological reaction is triggered in the body (e.g., a "chemical activity" in the brain). If this reaction is recorded in some way (e.g. a screen),the individual involved is able to know how the body reacts to the specific condition (external stimulus). This process can help a person to be self-trained on how to think in order to achieve the desired result in each occasion.

How to apply:

Biofeedback is applied through electronic software (educational type), electronic measuring devices (brain and psychophysiological functioning) and monitors displaying the results.

What biofeedback method is applied to the protocol?

The biofeedback method applied to the protocol is the neurofeedback (or else EEG biofeedback).

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback (EEG biofeedback) is a learning strategy, which makes the person capable of altering the cerebral activity. It is scientifically proven that when we perceive - especially visually or acoustically - information about our body functions; even those covered by Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) such as the heartbeat or brain waves, then we can intervene in the process. In essence neurofeedback is a way of brain exercise.

What is Ergotherapy?

Ergotherapy aims to enable people to participate in activities of daily life. It is a training for people with physical disorders or difficulty in movement (generally) through the use of concrete - targeted everyday projects, in order to allow individuals to reach their maximum level of function and independence in all areas of their life.
Occupational therapists work with two main categories of difficulties:

A) :Fine motor skills: properly hold a pencil-pen, cut with scissors properly, tie my shoelaces, put and take out my clothes, I keep right fork, knife, spoon, etc. B) : Gross motor skills: walking - running with stability, climb stairs without stumble, losing balance, entangled walking etc.

How to apply:

Ergotherapy is applied using simple (e.g. clay, coarse wooden pencils, etc.) and complex (e.g. trampoline, balance beam, etc.) materials, as well as through the therapist's interaction with the client (e.g. indicating the correct posture when sitting, etc.).

Combination model:

The combination of these two methods leads to a method of training the brain inthe focus of attention and stress management. The investigation and the experimental testing of the combined methods created the C.B.E.P., a self-study protocol which includes alternately ergotherapy and biofeedbacksessions for each candidate.

- Divided attention: ergotherapy combined with biofeedback are applied alternately.
- Stress management: ergotherapy combined with biofeedback; placing greater emphasis on biofeedback.
- Learning restoration: ergotherapy combined with biofeedback; placing greater emphasis on biofeedback.

Specific technical details:

The machines include biofeedback electronic micro-encephalographic (EEG Biosensors) depicting their measurements on computer screens. The micro-EEG recognize any brain activation and measure, among others the Theta waves, alpha waves and beta waves that are directly related to the processes of concentration and anxiety. The results are measurable since they are recorded on the computer display.

Innovation - Conclusions:

The C.B.E.P. protocol is basically a new innovative product (service) of self-learning since the method of biofeedback in addressing the specific difficulties (A.D.H.D., stress management)is introduced for the first time. The range of successful research results on the science of biofeedback and the wide range of research on ergotherapy techniques constitute the initialreferences of an effective therapeutic treatment. Their combination is the innovative development in the scientific treatment of two phenomena which are growing by leaps and bounds in recent years; and concern more and more experts - parents - teachers - adults and children.

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