Learning Difficulties - Dyslexia

My child:

  • Has trouble understanding the mathematical concepts?
  • Makes many spelling mistakes?
  • Has poor vocabulary?
  • Has trouble verbalizing what he/she thinks?
  • His/her texts are not presentable?
  • Falters while reading?

Nowadays, many teachers and parents acknowledge children difficulties such as the above, which are included in the broad category of learning disabilities.

What is it?

The Learning Disabilities is an umbrella term used to describe a heterogeneous group of disorders that are manifested through significant difficulties in the acquisition and use of receptive and expressive speech, reading, writing, reasoning or learning abilities.


Early diagnosis and intervention help the child to get rid of these difficulties as quickly as possible so as to be functional in everyday learning obligations.


In Focus Lab we face Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia by working with the most innovative and modern methods (Biofeedback) under C.B.E.P. program.
The treatment program includes:
  • New methods supported by electronic devices and sophisticated software -Biofeedback
  • Classic methods of special pedagogy.


Learning assessment lasts 45 minutes.
The learning rehabilitation sessions last 45 minutes.
On average two sessions per week are required.

What do we achieve with the intervention in learning disabilities:

  • Improve mathematical ability
  • Improve language skill
  • Enrich the vocabulary
  • Improve the editorial and conceptual performance of children's thoughts
  • Improve reading ability

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