Peak Performance

Peak Performance


Increased efficiency in the context of the high level competition is characterized by high levels of concentration, with conscious, however, attempt. This “optimal” situation, where a complex activity is done without conscious thought,  is referred to as  the “optimal functioning zone”.

In contrast, the low capacity level or the low yield are associated with the inadequate functioning of the mechanisms of attention, characterized conscious and more intense effort. In sports, for example, this often leads to muscle detuning before and during the execution. Similarly, the content, the quality and the flow of speech of a senior business executive in public crowd is strongly influenced by the accessibility of his cognitive sources.

If, therefore, the maximum performance athletes wish to fulfill their lofty goals, they must be trained to handle the additional stress generated due to the requirements of the standards. They must be aware of their reactions to stress. They need to work hard, in order to obtain an adequate level of self-management, which will strengthen their ability to stay focused on their goal, despite adversity.


Training Peak Performance helps achieve self through:

• concentration and commitment to the goal

• rapid achievement of an internal state of calmness during stressful situations

• the development of an internal control sensation

• the growing optimism